Gentleman's Walking stick - ARC Black Bow Series Faucet

Gentleman, derived from the Knight spirit of 17 century, advocating traditional culture and self existing values, in pursuit of taste and humanized living mode, representing the new trend of thought of the western social and economic development, is the upper middle class men in pursuit of a social fashion.

Elegant dress and polished manners, is to inherit and carry forward the traditional culture, to pursue and construct the quality of life, highlighting the men’s resolute, tough, implicit, deep, and generous personality, “outstanding, extraordinary grace”.
If the gentleman represents a person’s identity, then the gentleman’s walking stick is a symbol of the style to reveal the identity. The walking stick is not only social eye-catching props, or high society chic collection. In our daily life, are you willing to have such gentle man’s collection?

In the early morning grooming sleepy, every night rest bath moment, you can feel the gentleman with elegant quality of life. Would you feel comfortable to be with a partner have this quality?

ARC black bow Faucets, star products from Bravat, rectangle with clean and smooth lines, in the vision with light and elegant enjoyment, standing in your line of sight, as refined and courteous gentleman’s walking stick, exuding the noble charm. Assembled the most trend of originality and precipitate centuries of classical culture, integrate and ascend the millennium etiquette to the height of the design engineering. With eye-catching shape and perfect proportion, except for convenient installation, it’s also the important distinguished embellishment for bathroom space. The use of black elements, let the rational and abstract of the product integrate perfectly, combining the master’s low-key and calm personality while result with aristocratic grace and elegant.

ARC series of faucets, use spray surface treatment technology which with more cumbersome and higher technology demand than chrome plating, make for dense adhesion, color uniformity, excellent corrosion resistance, shiny and constant as new. The faucet body made of high quality brass, using the most advanced international gravity casting technology through precise machinery manufacture, like nature itself with sturdiness and durability. In line with the national lead standard GB/T1176, let people feel comfortable during the using process.

For a normal people, walking stick is a loyal partner; for a king, it’s the symbol of power; for the one whom living in the rolling tide of history, and most of those in pursuit of fashion taste, Bravat ARC black bow Faucets is the symbol of your distinguished identity stick. It uses material, body and culture banging out master’s unique personality in your private bathroom moment.

India poet Tagore said: “the life needs a walking stick, go for a walking stick!”