Face-Change, The New Era of Global Bravat

1873, Mr. Roman Dietsche, our founder established the company in Black Forest, Baden-Wuerttemberg, Germany, the region which is well known by its elaborate machinery and the world-class brands like Mercedes-Benz, Porsche and Bosch. 100 years later, Mr Dietsche in order to seek the globalization strategy layout, injected German excellent technology element to Bravat. In 2000, Bravat entered Chinese market and expand the strategic layout in China and globally in the same time.

December 2011, Bravat released the new logo in the opening of Wuzhoucheng Store in Guangzhou. Mr. Rui Tan, Marketing Director of Bravat, pointed that the adjustment of logo reflects Bravat’s globalization strategy. We are aiming to lead the fashion of sanitary products in China and also in the other markets around the world. “Think internationally, act internationally” is key of our strategic planning. In this phase, it is wise to maximize the utilization of resources and opportunities in China.

Bravat started to expand the sales network in 2011. The number of Bravat Shops in China is increasing steady, and there are also new branches in Taiwan, Singapore, Germany and other countries/regions.

Mr. Tan stated, there are increasing numbers of mature customers choosing outstanding brands for the professional service, customized solution and excellent brand image. To keep up with trends, Bravat introduced a new concept franchised store —— Bravat Wuzhoucheng Store in 10th of December 2011, and officially applies the Bravat new logo.

The Store integrates the product sales with VIP service experience. It design and decoration was inspired by Germany Concepts. The whole store applies pure white as the main tone to express the international high-end bathroom brand. It used the simple straight-line to demonstrate a high visual aesthetic feeling, in the meanwhile to create a pleasant shopping environment. The centralized zone of faucet, bathtub, ceramic and shower enclosure, and other five different styles of rooms in Wuzhoucheng Store help guests to complete the process from cleansing body to refreshing soul, and from the pleasure of body to the pleasure of spirit.

Bravat inserted new brand elements initially in Wuzhoucheng, allowing the international brand image get further into the hearts of the Chinese consumers. This is only the first step of Bravat new brand strategy, and there will be a series of actions are worth looking forward to.