Sharp series

Sharp, is unstoppable, representing a momentum of the sword. A sort of tolerance, reveal a certainty and self-confidence in her hands. Sharp series faucets as its name suggest, is the international brand Bravat integrate the most talented originality and refine out such an amazing masterpiece in the modern industrial design. The new generation of design style “Sharp”, respect for nature, using simple lines to broadly describe designer’s life experience and ingenuity, is the perfect interpretation of modern conciseness.

The product has four bright spots.

Firstly, the structure is different from previous works, boldly using ultra-thin graphic design and revealing slender and sexy. Due to the structural mutations, there will be more stringent requirements in casting process.

Secondly, the most exquisite design idea lies in the product spout which slightly towards an upward angle, to achieve 85 degree tilt angle consistent with ergonomically perfectly, which is derived after numerous repeated reasoning verification in people when they bend over to wash their hands, 85 degree tilt angle does not cause any discomfort squeeze to spine, giving users the most humane care.

Thirdly, using the latest Neoper clip bubbler and concealed installation, the Faucet surface showed flawless, perfect detail, and restrained luxury. It is the choice of the successful people who in pursuit of quality.

Fourthly, blend of functionality and simplicity, for your safety and accurately control the flow to reach the standard of Singapore’s strict 4L/ min of water-saving, work with you to follow the protection of environment.
From appearance to function, from the whole to the details, any angle can feel the unique charm from the design of Bravat. Bravat is not only the bathroom and kitchen products, produced not only material and shape, but to create a lifestyle.