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Eastern Europe Eastern Europe Suites:

FaucetsFeatured with inspirational design and stereoscopic flow, Bravat’s Faucet refreshes your body and mind no matter at dawn or in the midnight.

AccessoriesUsing Bravat’s accessories, which are as fine as the distinctive and delicate works of art, you will find out your bathroom has been a gallery full of your aesthetics.

CeramicsExperiencing 1280 ℃ high temperature firing,Bravat’s ceramics present beautiful and creative appearance,thus improve the artistic characteristic of your home decoration.

Commercial SeriesWe cooperate with professional designers worldwide, building many successful five-star hotel and apartment cases.

Bath FurnitureYou will enjoy a comfortable and stylish bathroom with Bravat’s bath furniture, which brings the artistry and practical function into full play.

BathtubsOwning a Bravat’s bathtub,enjoying your wonderful private time.

Shower EnclosuresEnjoy the luxury showing experience in Bravat’s shower enclosure.


Bathroom concept from Bravat

Bathroom concept

People who know life,pay more time in bathroom.

People who know enjoyment,pay more thoughts in bathroom.

People who know fun,pay more space for bathroom.

feel the brand new concept of bathroom>