South Asia Series

  • Single Lever Basin Mixer Tall

  • Single Lever Basin Mixer

  • Single Lever Basin Mixer

    Elegant lines, pure appearance, not much eye-catching changes, but well blend with the bathroom.

  • Single Lever Basin Mixer

    The precise diamond cutting lines and the marvelous polishing technique are inspired by natural innovation, with the mix of attracting curves with delicate corners endowing decorative effects of neoclassicism.

  • F118102C-1-ENG

    Diamonds represents top luxury. Diamond cutting used in the metal material will bring you strong visual experience.

  • Single Handle Wall Mounted Shower Bar

    Life becomes more tasteful with the addition of romanticism.

  • Single Handle Built-in Basin Mixer

    Life becomes more tasteful with the addition of romanticism

  • Single Handle Kitchen Mixer


Bathroom concept from Bravat

Bathroom concept

People who know life,pay more time in bathroom.

People who know enjoyment,pay more thoughts in bathroom.

People who know fun,pay more space for bathroom.

feel the brand new concept of bathroom>